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Managing your Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, stock and assets

The software grows with your business

Easy management of your customer accounts

An excellent solution for both Sole Traders and large enterprises

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SolutionsInc – Software perfectly tailored to your company.

Every company is unique and has individual expectations regarding management software. That’s why we’ll help you create software that is perfectly tailored and configured to your business.

Technical support
Configured for your company
Online access from anywhere
Easy to use

Professional CRM/ERP software starting from £20 per month

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Free CRM ERP SolutionsInc
Check how easy to use our software is.

Free access and free support

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Three months of free support

Check the price list for additional modules and configurations.

For sole traders and large enterprises

No matter if you run a sole proprietorship, a small family business, or manage a large enterprise, our SolutionsInc software will be perfectly tailored to all your needs.


Assistance in managing production stages, PO (Purchase Orders), SO (Sales Orders), invoices, assets, and inventory levels


Assistance in acquiring new customers, managing contacts, and marketing campaigns

Service companies

Assistance in managing auto repair workshops, electronic repair shops, beauty salons, construction companies, and much more


Detailed reports will allow you to efficiently manage every aspect of running your business. Sales results, status of customer device repairs, effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Meet our team

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Accessible from your phone, computer, laptop, and tablet

Access your business from anywhere in the world, from your phone, tablet, computer, or laptop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Managing your company has never been this easy.

Manage your business wherever you are.
Access from multiple devices

Templates for various types of businesses

Ready-made templates tailored for different industries and professions will allow you to quickly implement a new system in your company.

Garage CRM ERP SolutionsInc
Automotive workshops

The SolutionsInc version specifically designed for automotive workshops. Easy booking of car repairs and MOTs. Spare parts inventory, workshop equipment database, invoicing, and a customer database with reminders for upcoming technical inspections or services.

Factory CRM ERP SolutionsInc

A comprehensive CRM/ERP system for enterprise management. It allows the creation of PO, SO, and invoices. Easy project management with graphical project visualization in a calendar. Advanced production reports. Asset management with reminders for upcoming services or equipment calibration. Convenient management of customer and company databases, simplified acquisition of new business clients.and much more.

Carpenter CRM ERP
Sole traders

A system that assists construction companies, carpenters, architects, beauty salons, and all other small businesses and sole traders. Easy appointment booking, project management, and invoicing.