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Little Jack Wallet Power bank 1500 mAh


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Little Jack Wallet Power bank 1500 mAh

Little Jack Wallet Power bank 1500 mAh


This little power bank is only 5mm thin and is slim enough to fit in your purse or wallet. However, it’s still powerful enough to recharge most smartphones. Perfect for when you need power the most.
Like every Jumping Jack product, the Wallet is supplied complete with 4-in-1 charging cable, combining USB, micro USB, 30 pin and Lightning compatible connections into a single cable. Simply slot it into the Wallets USB port and your phone will be charging in seconds.

Little Jack Wallet is a credit card-sized portable power back up for charging your smartphone on the go. It is compact and lightweight so can be carried in your pocket or handbag and the rechargeable battery and universal USB input allow you to charge quickly and conveniently.


Colour:    Red
Battery size:    1500 mAh
Battery Type:    Lithium Polymer
USB ports:    1
Led indicator:    Y
Volts:    5V
Amps:    0.8A
Size:    L 86 x W 5 x H 56mm
Weight:    70grams
Charging port:    microUSB
Charging cable:    Included

Charging time: 2 hours

Cycle time: 500 times

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Little Jack Wallet Power bank 1500 mAh


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